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Welcome to Epic ESR Website

Passion or Mission?

Why get active? What is your reason for moving? Do you have a mission or a burning passion?

Whatever your reasons may be, we are here to discover it with you.
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We are a sports event management company which organizes sports events for people like you. Swim, bike and run races are our specialties, which cater for all levels of athletes.

Who we are

Edward, SK and Reeves. The founding partners behind Epic ESR. ESR also stands for Entertainment, Sports and

Here is our story

We met through our common passion for endurance sports though we come from rather diverse background.
One is a restaurateur joined by other two from the corporate world. Putting our aprons and business shirts aside,
we jointly participated in more than 120 races worldwide ranging from charity swims to the grueling Ironman triathlons. Each Finisher medal tells a story of pain, joy and pride.

Our 'why not' moment

Fast forward today, we hope to transfer the same fun we enjoyed to the masses. Transiting from participants to organizers, we realized it is as much joy putting up a finishing line as it is to crossing one. Our rewards are your display of pride, joy and a dose of agony (We know how it feels like). We answered ‘why not?’ through founding Epic ESR as sailing ship on this epic journey.

Edward . Reeves . SK